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Richmond Dental Clinic is the home of Dr Stuart Gough, Dr Lawrence Lai and Dr. Rosca. They are dedicated and available to serve you, and the local communities, with their professional knowledge and skills.

Dr Lawrenc Lai - Calgary Dentist - Richmond Dr Stuart Gough - Calgary Dentist - Richmond Dr. Genevieve Rosca - Calgary Dentist - Richmond
Dr. Lawrence Lai Dr. Stuart Gough Dr. Rosca

Our Staff

Our Hygiene Team

We at Richmond Dental Clinic fully believe that dental health is a key component of overall health and by treating your dental diseases; we are partners along with your many health care professionals in supporting your overall well-being. We firmly believe that preventative care is a key component of obtaining and maintaining good dental health. With gum disease being one of the most major causes of tooth loss in adults, early detection and treatment of gum related issues would greatly improve the state of your overall health and help to obtain and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.


Our dental hygiene team is focused on providing excellent preventative care through custom tailored treatment plans that meet your personal healthcare needs. We believe that every person is an individual and our patients deserve the best oral health treatment based solely on their unique situation.

Our Dental Assistants

Besides dentists and hygienists, our staff also includes certified dental assistants. Their role is to assist the dentists in performing clinical treatments. They also prepare all the instruments, making sure they are thoroughly cleaned, sterilized and in order after each use. Their presence in the chair side setting is important for our dentists to be able to perform at their utmost efficiency.

Our Dental Assistants

Our Office Administrators

From the moment you enter the Richmond Dental Clinic, we strive to create an ambience that will make your dental experience relaxing and stress-free. We believe the patient is #1, and we endeavor to provide the highest level of customer service in our practice. Our Patient Coordinators are an intricate part of that experience, as they make every effort to handle your dental visit smoothly and efficiently.


Our Office Manager

Marisa has over 20 years experience in customer service, 10 of that in dentistry. She's always enjoyed interacting with others & feels lucky to have a career to allow such. A Calgarian born & raised, she's looking forward to growing old in this great city. Her hearty laughter can be easily heard at times & has been known to put people at ease.